Despite this discussion taking place with watery American beers in hand, we were still able to make some keen observations about the way we currently hire graduate talent. We all agreed that Xceed Group has done a fantastic job so far (well, they hired us after all).

The standard of work was extremely high, and it was refreshing to be in a room full of girls discussing a wide range of technical topics from the dark web, to advancements in BCI (brain computing interface) software. Naturally all these plucky young things attracted a lot of attention from the industry, and so recruitment representatives from the likes of JP Morgan, Google, and VMware to name a few, were also in attendance.

Internships Work Wonders

Shockingly, to me, a large proportion of the girls we spoke with had already lined up jobs despite not having graduated yet. Many of them had done summer internships or a sandwich year in industry with a company that had gone on to offer them a position. Xceed Group has taken on marketing interns in the past, but it’s time to start offering an internship or two in our core business functions.

Be Faster out of the Blocks

In addition, most of the big banks start their recruitment drive for new grads in the autumn before they expect them to join. When it comes to graduate hires, our clients are suddenly our competitors. Many of the FTSE100 companies hoover up these stellar students before some companies realise the race has even started.

Communicate Consultancy as a Career

The next challenge we uncovered was that not a lot of the students knew much about a career in consultancy. They all knew about project management, but not about the other types of services we typically deliver and didn’t realise the range of interesting roles a career in consulting can offer. We can clearly do more to get our message out there. Luckily Xceed Group’s head office is very well placed to make use of at least two universities that are on our doorstep;

To conclude, the day was a great success. We introduced ourselves to many new potential hires, gained good situational awareness of the graduate market, and came away with some good ideas on what to do next.

If you’re interested in finding out about life as a Graduate Consultant or have any other ideas or lessons to share then, I would love to hear from you.