Case in point, as we see more and more research coming out about datacentre consolidation and upgrades. As journalists continue to ask why it’s happening, we think back to a comment Rakesh Kumar made on stage at the symposium during the Intelligent Datacentre session.

Kumar said that Gartner estimated that 50 per cent of Western European Datacentres are obsolete because they don’t have enough power, space or efficiency to support the demands of digital business.

I’m inclined to agree. The demands of big data and digital business mean that most datacentres today don’t cut it. In order to keep up, enterprises need to dedicate IT spend to upgrading datacentre infrastructure, and this means that enterprises are likely to invest in their own private cloud.

The bulk of IT spend this year will be in cloud computing infrastructure, offering companies better value in terms of efficiency, and better, smarter services. This investment in cloud infrastructure is not happening a moment too soon, with IoT products and services driving requirements faster than ever before.

Research released this week from IDC says that installed service provider datacentre capacity consumed by IoT enabled products and services will increase by nearly 750% between 2014 and 2019. As the report points out, the agility and scale these future IoT deployments will require means the spotlight really will be on the datacentre and the service providers.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Smart businesses know that IT agility is essential, and getting this from a traditional datacentre is very hard. It is just that some businesses fear the migration required in order to get them to the right place.

But once a business realises that the need and value of moving to a smarter, better datacentre outweighs the cost and time involved in moving, the decision should be easy. The new datacentres are better value. There is less workload and more workflow. You can see what’s running and where, and costs are completely transparent.

So for many organisations it’s less about what or why to migrate and more about how and when. For companies looking to answer these questions in the most efficient way possible Xceed Group offers a smart and fast way of reaching their destination safely.

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