The results of our Big Change Survey were truly an endorsement for positive thinking. As the survey ran and responses rolled in, it became clear then that the perception of success is quite different between our EU and US respondents.

All respondents were asked about how they personally felt about change and how well their respective companies embraced change. On the back of this, we also asked how respondents rated the success of technology projects during their careers.

The results showed that not only did US respondents personally embrace change more, but that they also felt their companies were more amenable to change.

But here’s what really stands out

Change acceptance clearly influences success perception. We asked respondents to estimate how many change projects have been successful in their experience, to which the majority of US respondents estimated 51-60% - a significantly higher figure than the 21-30% estimated by the EU respondents. Recent research from Goldsmiths University suggests that how flexible a company is can predict employee job satisfaction, therefore increasing organisational flexibility is important to both the productivity and well-being of employees.

Those who embrace change and who work for companies that embrace change perceive that change is happening more successfully around them. Whether it’s the 9% differences in averages between the US and EU, or the 100% difference in the most common estimates – positivity does appear to influence success rates, and this positive attitude is putting Americans one step ahead when it comes to Big Change.