Private Cloud Migration for Global Bank Delivered in Record Time

Private Cloud Migration for Global Bank Delivered in Record Time

Process improvements leads to 87% savings in time and effort

Alastair Ballantyne
19 May 2017


As part of a global migration programme to move to a Private Cloud Platform, a global bank had an urgent requirement to exit from a major system in the EMEA region within an eight month timeframe. The client’s driver for change was to streamline costs by moving away from old systems and reduce maintenance and centralised support.

The migration from the legacy system to Private Cloud Platform was completed one month ahead of the expected schedule and the migration process and learnings were incorporated within the bank on a wider global basis.

Xceed Group consistently challenge any processes that did not add value or make sense to the end result

Programme Manager, Global US Bank


After the migration project was complete, Xceed Group provided detailed feedback to help the continuous evolution of the global migration process. The feedback helped one migration team to increase the volume of migrations that could be managed by 300%.

This is an example of a successfully delivered project, approached with the right attitude under difficult circumstances.

CTO, Global US Bank

Consultant's Comments:

Alastair Ballantyne

During the UK AppHost migration project for a global bank, I lead the design, implementation and execution of the migration to a new private cloud.

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I was a key figure in identifying and refining the migration process, taking an existing US specific process and remediating and simplifying it. Once the project was completed, delivered early and with a high success rate, I spent a month presenting the migration approach to US migration teams, significantly increasing their productivity and migration success rate.

Xceed added significant value to the project through their extensive experience and the ability to leverage the extended team on other projects to ensure that the project was successful.


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