Over 20,000 Unique Assets Identified and Analysed

Over 20,000 Unique Assets Identified and Analysed

Multi-functional, multi-country teams mobilised for datacentre rationalisation programme

Jim Hennigan
12 June 2017


Following an acquisition, a leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals had a requirement for a major datacentre rationalisation programme.

The customer, with headquarters in New York, employs more than 50,000 people and operates in over 100 countries, called on Xceed Group to complete a full assessment in preparation of the rationalisation programme. The customer had a requirement to identify ownership of all 20,000 unique assets and compile a detailed plan for the systems move.

Xceed Group did a great job in putting together the original business cases and gaining CFO approval and then in mobilising, organising and managing the teams.

Head of Datacentre Rationalisation


- Data centres in New York and South East England closed on time and within budget
- Over 20,000 unique IT assets identified and analysed
- Business cases created and presented to CFO
- Multi-functional, multi-country teams mobilised and managed
- Detailed planning carried out
- Alignment with global data centre and Real Estate strategy
- Adoption of global method


  • Gained approval of rationalisation programme by CFO
  • Aligned all IT assets with corresponding business units
  • Recommended the most effective way to move systems
  • Created a timeline for completion

Xceed Group’s intimate knowledge of our technical and support environment, as well as our methods of working made it easy to get started and build momentum quickly

Head of Datacentre Rationalisation

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