Establishing a 'Migration Factory' to achieve scale and velocity

Establishing a 'Migration Factory' to achieve scale and velocity

Financial Services Enterprise Cloud Migration

Jim Hennigan
12 June 2017


A leading North America financial services company had a requirement to implement a transformation programme to turn their midrange physical solution into an on-demand, software defined solution.

Xceed Group managed the programme to migrate 1000 servers, provision for 4000 virtual servers and establish a migration factory. Xceed Group’s Migration Acceleration Platform, mX was central to planning and tracking the programme to mitigate risk and maximise success.

The team have exceeded all of my expectations in understanding our needs and delivering what is required
to achieve our vision of what mX could do for us.

Programme Manager


- Over 4,000 virtual servers provisioned in the target environment in just 8 months, above the customer’s target run rate
- Over 1,000 servers migrated to the target environment, again above the target run rate
- A single ‘factory’ process for our customer to follow enterprise-wide, which maximises success and promotes a collaborative culture
- A central migration tool to not only plan migrations but also track progress.
- Utilisation of the single process to not just migrate suitable applications, but also to provision additional environments for applications outside of those targeted for migration


  • A single version of the truth provided a baseline for migration analysis and design
  • Produced an integrated end-to-end migration workflow
  • Planned and co-ordinated the migration across 6 areas of the business
  • Led knowledge-sharing sessions between the lines of business to share best practice

From the perspective of the reporting, they provide premier service in requirements development, process management and - most importantly - understanding our objectives and the environment within which we work.

Programme Manager, Financial Services Company

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